Strong competition continues at Saga Furs’ auction

Saga Furs’ March online auction continued on Thursday and Friday with the offering of Silverblue, Sapphire, Palomino and North American collection, including BLACKGLAMA. The second day of the sale followed the same very positive pattern as on Wednesday in terms of clearances and price development. Yesterday on offer were 374,000 Silverblue mink pelts which were basically all sold with remarkably increasing prices. As for the relatively small amounts of Sapphire and Palomino mink pelts on offer, the result showed clearly that the demand exceeded the offering.  The day ended with unique North American mutations and Pastels which achieved remarkable results. China was again dominant with support from the fashion industry, Korea, Greece and Russia.

Today the auction continued with the offering of 216,000 North American black minks and the exclusive BLACKGLAMA collection. The males were all sold under strong competition. Saga´s commitment to support market recovery resulted in BLACKGLAMA females achieving increasing prices but relatively lower clearances. The Saga collection of 197,000 Brown Classic males were all sold at increasing prices. The result of the first three days of the Saga Furs auction shows that fur business is on a path to profitable levels.

The online auction will continue over the weekend with the sale of Brown, Mahogany and European Black mink pelts. We will publish the next report on Sunday 7 March.