Strong demand of Finnraccoon for fashion collections

Saga Furs March auction continued today with the selling of Finnraccoon. A large offering was 100 % sold at very firm prices mainly to the European and Korean fashion industry.

Continuing uncertainty in the Russian market affected today’s fox sale, as Russia has usually been the biggest market for many of the fox types offered today. Silver fox was 65 % sold at between 10-20% easier prices compared with December levels. Various other fox types met with selective demand and less than half of the total offering was sold. Main buying Europe and Korea.

The Saga® Lumi Royal Top Lot of Silver fox was bought by Mr. Naoum Ditsios and Miss Victoria Xia for Hebei Rui Bao Yuan Fur Co Ltd., China.

The auction will continue tomorrow with a clearance sale of small size Blue and Shadow fox.

Mar 16, 2016