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About Saga Furs 

Saga Furs Corporation is the visionary leader and responsible choice in the fur industry that has pioneered in innovation and inspiration since 1938. The full-service auction house offers the broadest selection of superior Saga fox, Finnraccoon and mink. With 100% certified collections, Saga Furs has been supporting sustainability for over a decade.

Saga Furs is the most trusted brand in the fashion industry that delivers the assurance of transparency the consumers demand. Saga Furs’ global presence supports fashion brands, retailers, dressers, and farmers also in innovation, and product and service development. In season 2016/2017, the company’s value of sales was EUR 335 million and the company employed on average 350 people. Saga Furs is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki.




Exciting opportunities in a dynamic industry

Saga Furs wants to recruit talented people who can work in a challenging international environment.

Permanent positions

Saga Furs has approximately 140 permanent employees located in various spots around the globe. More than half of them work at our headquarters in Vantaa, Finland. Others are located in the countries where we source pelts, important manufacturing countries, key markets and the fashion capitals of the world.

Along with management and administration positions, the staff at Vantaa work in fur sorting and grading, warehousing and security.

Seasonal positions

During the fur-sorting season, from November through May, Saga Furs employs more than 200 additional people.

We train new staff members to develop their skills in every phase of the sorting process. Many of them return to our team year after year.

Auction assistants

At each auction, Saga Furs hires 100-150 auction assistants. Their task is to assist international fur buyers when they inspect pelts prior to the actual selling, and possibly some duties during the auction itself.

Auction assistants are employed for up to one week at a time during the 4 auctions each year.

Saga Furs has more than 600 permanent or seasonal employees during peak periods.