High clearances and rising prices characterized the weekend

Saga Furs’ March online auction continued over the weekend with the sale of Brown, Mahogany and European Black mink pelts. The trend of increasing clearances and prices strengthened further. The Chinese were the most active buyers, again with support from Europe, South-Korea and Russia.

During the last two days there were 1,1 million mink pelts on offer achieving 100% clearances in practically all sections, with a continuous trend of increasing prices. One day away from the end of the Saga Furs’ mink sale, we can already consider this mink auction a success that will project confidence in all levels of the fur trade.

The Top Lot of Brown Velvet female was bought today by Tommaso Guida from Italy for The LoLo, a high-end fur retail brand in China, just like in the December auction.

The online mink auction will conclude tomorrow with the sale of various crosses. The final sale report about the mink auction will be published tomorrow on our site. The auction will continue with the fox sale until Wednesday 10 March.