Saga Furs Fur Vision 19: Sustainability and Inspiration shared the spotlight

Saga Furs placed sustainability right alongside with all the new innovative techniques and inspiring materials at annual Fur Vision events in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Design teams, students, stylists and others from the four respective fashion communities learned about Saga Farm Certification,  fur as a natural sustainable material, and the Saga Traceability System. A visit to Fur Vision marks the starting point of designers’ upcoming fur collections.

“Fur Vision has always been Step-One when designers embark on a new collection, but this year we took extra efforts to spotlight our sustainability programs. Nowadays you can’t have one without the other,” says Tia Matthews, fashion business director of Saga Furs.


New York highlight was the sustainability seminar co-hosted by Women’s Wear Daily

Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) is a fashion-industry trade journal. Together with WWD Saga Furs organized press event to discuss sustainability with Fashion Stylists and e-commerce retailers. Tia Matthews and Charlie Ross from Saga Furs were interviewed and videotaped and the video will be placed on the WWD website under the sustainability section. You can find the video below.

To compliment the seminar, visitors of Fur Vision could see four storyboard presentations: Saga Furs Technology, Circular Economy, The 4 Rs (Recycled, repaired remodeled and resold) and Sustainability & Reuse.

In total Saga Furs had 160 guests visiting the two-day event, along with designers and collection teams, media, fur and clothing manufacturers, retailers and students from seven design schools. They were introduced to the various types of Saga Mink, Fox and Finnraccoon, dressing companies and their innovation, and shown how the more than 120 furrier-craft techniques can be transformed into fashion. The students were also briefed on Saga Furs’ ongoing efforts in the area of sustainability.



London Fur Vision helps designers remain at the cutting edge of fashion

The annual Saga Furs event has become something of a meeting place for designers, students and stylists seeking innovation and the bold new ideas Fur Vision presents. Sustainability was underscored as the prime intangible value of the Saga® label. They also were presented with the latest innovation from a dressing company that showed new colours and laser-print samples that grabbed attention.

A noted display was an Africa-inspired fox coat created by Valentin Devriese, an MA design student at LCH who won the Saga Furs design competition.


Paris event held in connection with Premiere Vision where sustainability was in focus

Fur Vision was a three-day event to complement what visitors encountered at Saga Furs’ stand at Premiere Vision. Key brands and upcoming names were among the invited guests at Fur Vision.  For the first time at Premiere Vision, Saga Furs exhibited at the Smart Square and was invited to deliver a presentation at the Smart Talk seminar, where the company presented its responsible approach to innovation and sustainability to the fashion community.

The gathering featured an exciting focal point, as Saga Furs had teamed up with two design students to create a “Fur Wall” installation as well as three sustainable garments combining fur, organza and a newer eco-friendly fabric, Tyvek®. Read more about Premiere Vision and Saga Furs here.



Milan offered one-on-one meetings to help designers reap benefits of individual ideas

High-end luxury brands, design teams, and designers who had never worked with fur found a treasure of new ideas and got assistance in putting ideas into a practical framework. Furriers also attended to discover new techniques they can recommend to their clients.

Sustainability was a vital topic at the one-on-one meetings, as companies need to provide their customers with answers that will reassure them of responsible practices behind a garment.


Fur Vision 19 also visits Asian fashion capitals, read more about them here