Saga Furs June auction continued with Blue fox and various minks

Today’s Blue fox offering faced with some price resistance after the strongly increasing prices at the Saga Furs March auction. The offering was 73 percent sold at 10 percent easier prices in US dollars compared with our March auction. China continued to dominate the Blue fox buying with good support from Europe, Korea and Russia.

The auction is attended by 560 buyers with all markets well represented. The mink auction started in a packed auction room in the afternoon. Silverblue males were almost 80 percent sold at roughly 10 percent easier prices in Euros compared with recent European levels. Sapphire males were 85% sold under very active competition at only 5 percent easier prices. The weakening of the US dollar by 5 percent compared with recent auctions contributed to the small price declines.

The auction will continue tomorrow with Silverblue and Sapphire females, Pearl males and White minks.