Welcome to our new career pages – Get to know Saga Furs as an employer

Saga Furs’ new career pages have now been published. The career pages have been developed in close cooperation with the Saga Furs employees and are the final product of the company’s employer branding project initiated one year ago.

A little over a year ago in November 2018, Saga Furs initiated an employer branding project with the objective of strengthening the company’s internal and external employer image. Since the beginning of the project, the Saga Furs employees were strongly involved in the planning process. Different staff members from all over the organisation were interviewed and the findings from the interviews were processed in various workshops. The final result was an employer promise based on the values of the staff.

“During the project, it became evident that we needed a new career website. We wanted to let people know about the special qualities of our company and to talk about why it is so great to work here. There is a good deal of prejudice and false beliefs surrounding the industry, but we believe that when there is more information, the attitudes against fur trade and our company can change,” says the HR Director Marjatta Paunonen.

Our staff felt that the best and most credible way of talking about these matters was through our own people, and so we looked for employee ambassadors from different sectors of the organisation. The special cultural characteristics highlighted by our employees, the career stories and the ambassador video created during the project are the cornerstones of our career pages. As a thank you for sharing their career stories, the employees got to visit the Saga Design Centre and Copenhagen.

“I feel that the project has given me so much. “Even though I have been working here for more than 20 years, I learned a lot about our company, the fur trade and the inspiration that the world’s designers highly value in Saga Furs. I got to know my colleagues better and I would say that our team spirit improved during the project. I think that the career pages look great. Afterwards, I have heard that many staff members would have liked to appear on the ambassador video,” says Giuliano who works in grading.

Even though the project required a lot of background work, the career pages are only the beginning. Just like a building, the employer image requires a good foundation that cannot be created overnight. “To us, it was important that our internal and external employer images were in line with each other and that our employees could commit to the shared values. In the future, we will also be investing in other social media channels,” Paunonen continues.

The career pages and the employer branding project are parts of the Saga Furs strategy and influence the image of fur trade both in Finland and internationally. Visit our career pages by clicking the this link. Alternatively, you can find the career pages on our website sagafurs.com under Our Company > Jobs & Careers.



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