A/W 2019-20 fur trend forecast sees fashion indulging in luxury


Working so closely with designers, fashion houses and design students puts Saga Furs right behind the crystal ball when it comes to forecasting what to expect on fashion runways. Our Fur Vision events in North America, Europe and Asia are the starting point of nearly all fur collections, as we present to the world: innovation, inspiration and share our know-how. Here is what Saga Furs’ envisions for fur in the upcoming A/W 2019-20 shows.

Hair-raising fantasies: Designers play with hair lengths to achieve lavish 3-D effects with mink and fox, or a mix. Deft craftsmanship using sheared or natural hair lengths opens new horizons of creativity.

Black cross mink graphics: Nothing is more appealing than the beauty of nature. Designers accentuate the natural aesthetic characteristics of Saga® Black Cross Mink to create graphic patterns and forms. Captivating design with nature at the core.

Fox on Fabric:  It drapes. It flows. It even seems to float. By melding various segments of fox with textile, designers realize fashion with a gossamer lightness that is luxuriously blithe and radiates a sublime richness.

Pin-strip inserts:
Intriguing visual effects appear with the addition of thin strips of fur. The strips may complement larger swathes of fur or take the spotlight with a touch of flash, as designers use strips to create colour mixes, patterns, texture or volume and even stripes.

Digital floral prints:  Digital technology allows printing on the hair or leather side of a skin to extend the potential of fur. Short hair presents vivid patterns; longer hair gives a more muted look. All of it underscores the winsome appeal of flowers – and fur.

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