Environment and Climate

Environment and Climate Change

Saga Furs is headquartered in the country of Finland, which adheres to a low-carbon national energy and climate strategy. Finland’s leaders have recently signed up to the Paris Convention, the largest ever global action plan by world governments to limit global warming and climate change. Saga Furs has a good track record and is committed to working further with its own internal processes across the board to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Everyone at Saga Furs pledges to work to the best of their ability to reduce their own environmental impacts, in particular energy and water use.

What is Saga Furs already doing for the environment?

At the supplier farmer level, sustainability criteria within the Saga Furs certification process is pushing Finnish fur farmers towards closed loop energy and low-carbon practices.
  • In Finland and abroad, the company continues to conduct inspections directly or through partner organisations on supplier farms and where possible only source from Saga Furs certified suppliers.
  • As part of the company’s internal efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, Saga Furs has launched an initiative to go paperless, with a focus on big digitalization projects across the business.
  • Company-wide Skype technology gives the opportunity to organize online meetings. This reduces unnecessary travelling.
  • Company headquarters as of 2016 sources 100% renewable energy for heating from its electricity supplier in Vantaa.