Value Creation and Network Impacts

Value creation

Saga Furs Value Creation Network

As an auction house, Saga Furs is well-positioned in the fur industry to bring significant economic, social and environmental value that goes beyond financial returns to its shareholders to include a wider group  of participants with a ‘stake’ in our ongoing success.


 Key figures  4 auctions per year
Net turnover 52.7 MEUR
Total sales 437.1 MEUR
Operating result 5.8 MEUR
Result before taxes 9.2 MEUR
 7.3 million Mink skins
2.4 million Fox skins
150,000 Finnraccoon skins
320,000 Karakul sheep skins


Code of conduct taken into use and the personnel trained.
Continuous reduction of energy use and CO2 emissions.
Producers see the link between business and sustainability.
Investments in digitalisation of business, product development
and green dressing.
Transparent value chain for fashion customers.
International value International value
100% skin traceability
Financing of producers and buyers
99% skins sold for export
74,250 skin packages shipped
41 countries where skins sold
34 countries with paid bonuses for producers and buyers
National value National value
15 work accident frequency rate (LTA1)
Job creation in scarce employment areas
17,500 indirect trade employees in Finland, direct 5,000
1.9 MEUR paid taxes
991 customers with skins sold
5.8 MEUR bonuses for producers and buyers
Local value Local value
351 employees on average
98% employee retention rate
18.9 MEUR salaries incl. social security contributions
3,650 shareholders
1.8 MEUR paid dividends
1.2 MEUR interest expenses


Value through doing business

Saga Furs value network partners all contribute to, and benefit from, the value we create through our core auction consignment business; whether through providing income to rural farming communities; bringing sustainable employment to our workforce, or providing tax income and shareholder value to society.

Value through best practices and processes

Saga Furs’ farm certification, implemented through its parent organization, FIFUR, guarantees that products sourced from Saga farms have high environmental management standards and animal wellbeing. In this way, Saga Furs provides its farmer suppliers and big brand customers with a high degree of added value, which can increasingly be described as their license to operate.

Further along the supply-chain, the company’s industry-leading sustainable production practices, which range from sophisticated tools for developing fur pelt quality to design solutions for zero material waste in manufacturing, also bring value for upstream designers, fashion manufacturers and consumers.

Value through intelligence sharing

Saga Furs also promotes continuous and open communication networks throughout the fur industry. Examples include providing real-time business intelligence to local lawmakers, farmers, and brokers; offering fashion customers traceability information on farm origin and certification of our products; as well as educating designers, fashion brand customers, and consumers on sustainable fur dressing standards.

By taking into account the interests of employees, suppliers, customers, partners and communities, we maximize our ability to create and capture value in a partnership network that extends locally, nationally and globally.