Spike up in hangtag orders reaffirms Saga strength in sustainability

In recent months, Saga Furs has seen a sharp increase in orders from fur retailers for hangtags and labels bearing the Saga Furs logo. These can only be put into fur garments made from pelts sold by Saga and sourced from farms certified under the company’s strict and comprehensive environmental management and animal welfare standards.

This increased demand from retailers to display the Saga hang tag attests not only to the power of the Saga Furs brand but also to the high value-add that accompanies Saga’s unique sustainability story.

While orders are growing globally, the trend is particularly pronounced in Asia, notably the Republic of Korea, where orders from South Korean retailers in the 2016-17 season of over half a million more than doubled to 1,5 million in the 2017-18 season.

Not all fur is equal

“Over the last few years, Saga’s Asian customers have become increasingly concerned with sustainability,” confirms Anni Lensu, Saga Furs Auction Service Manager. “For them, displaying Saga hangtags in garments demonstrates confidence in the Saga Certification program and underscores the growing understanding that not all fur is equal.”

As the only fur auction company in the industry with its own proprietary farm management certification system, Saga is regularly assessing, auditing and documenting farmer operations across the board.

“It’s no longer just the fur product that the Korean fashion retailers are selling but the storytelling behind it,” explains Kate Sori Mok, Saga Furs Area Representative. “Shoppers in South Korea increasingly want to know where their products came from and that the animals and the environment were well taken care of.”