Call of the Wild – Athleisure at Astrid Anderson at London Fashion Week: Mens 2018


Danish Designer Astrid Andersen’s familiar territory of sports luxury and menswear has taken an unexpected, fresh turn. Exploring the theme of Safari and creating a strong aesthetic, Andersen played with Safari-like headpieces and was notably experimental for menswear with opulent fabrics such as metallic lace and printed floral silks. All this is very Zeitgeist, but while strong elements of luxury were apparent throughout, the strongest indication was the calf-length fox and mink fur coat, worn over a monochromatic logo t-shirt, a muted, green, silk underlay and khakiesque cut-off shorts. The Saga ® fox and mink coat was a combination dyed Golden Island Fox and black cross mink, beautifully worked into a traditionally masculine herringbone intarsia, a collaboration with the Saga Furs, the Helsinki-based auction house, traditionally know for its innovation, its designer collaborations and its core note of sustainability and traceability. The fox fur used the technique called ‘braising’ on the shoulders and sleeve. Accompanying this ultimate symbol of luxury were Brazilian mountain crystals, securely fastened on the model’s arms in deep mahogany and black, elastic straps – staying true to Andersen’s Athleisure beginnings.

By Maya Menon