Runways of A/W 2018-19 forecast indicates an eclectic mix of inspired fur styles


Fur Vision ’18 events put us in the front row to give you a forecast about trends to watch for in next year’s A-W season. The craft techniques and skin samples we present at Fur Visions in Paris, New York, London and Milan never fail to inspire designers for upcoming collections. We look forward with pride and – just like you – excitement to see how have interpreted the inspiration we provide them. Here’s what to look for:

Shearing – Clip, cut or trimmed, sheared mink and fox makes for a playground of creativity. Shades and tones change, different hair lengths emphasize the 3-D aesthetic of fur, shearing to the guard hair gives a wonderful effect. Designers will surely highlight the sheer beauty of fur.

Tribal instinct – An enticing balance of the Primitive and the Modern. Designers can achieve tribal looks by mixing colours, fur types and deftly melding the characteristics of each into a unique aesthetic.

Precious metals – Scintillating metallic foils and other materials contrast with the natural beauty of fur to create glam looks that sparkle and will put a twinkle in the eye of any beholder. Fur style shines.

Stripe teasers – Strips make the stripes in a mix of colours, fur types, volumes and crafted patterns. Touches added with the help of techniques impart special effects to enhance the depth of fur’s natural beauty.

Geometric motifs– Intarsia, shearing, tiles and other imaginative techniques have allowed infinite play with patterns, volumes and colours. The purity of mathematics translates into pure beauty … in a wealth of styles.

Organic patterns – Nature is both simple and intricate so designers will be creating styles reflecting a beautiful balance of the two. Organic looks bring fashion to life and underscore the natural beauty of fur.