Saga Furs Lookbook shows direction of fur trends for the season


Saga Furs Lookbook gives you the insider’s view of more than 300 carefully selected pictures from A/W ’16-’17 Ready-to-Wear and Haute Couture collections shown on catwalks in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Each year Saga Furs evaluates thousands of images to determine the direction of fur trends and divides them into the main seasonal themes. Get inspired by the Lookbook online, click here

Designers have turned up the volume for the season. They have formulated chubby jackets, bulky coats, striking accessories in an array of voluptuous furs you can simply strug on, thanks to modern craftsmanship that delivers a feathery lightness.


Retro with a twist
Iconic creations and trends of the past have been vamped into vital new looks for today. The new generation of designers have given us a new generation of fur styles.

retro fur fashion

To the street
Casual make a strong statement when fur is the centrepiece. Talk about subdued elegance, designers have added a whole new vocabulary of fashion to the idiom of fur. Each piece has intrinsic versatility thanks to fur creations you can wear with ease on the boulevards as well as the streets.

Street Style Fashion

Mixed up
Fashion cocktails shake up this chilly season with hot creations crafted by merging fur with other materials. They’ve fused long- and short-haired fur types, fur with fabric, fur with leather and fur with newer techno materials to present native, ethnic, classic, patchwork looks and more.


Spice up the season with non-winter colours. Nothing rhymes with it, but anything will go with orange, an autumn stand-out in many hues that are relevant year round. The vibrant greens of spring and summer look great in winter. And this season you’ll also find xxx shades of grey emphasizing fur’s natural beauty.


White is the new black
Whit puts a new vibrancy into a look. Pure and pristine, like freshly fall snow, imaginative notions of creative minds have made white sexy and provocative in a flurry of new ideas.

White Fur Designs

Floral patterns abound this season thanks to creative application of intarsia and other innovative craft techniques. Furs of all types of hair lengths in a full palette of colours make fashion flourish in an endless array of patterns.

Fur Floral Patterns
Fur in the transformer that turns fine fashion into a luxury look. Collars and trims, linings, sleeves or just a swatch for detail will raise the appeal of any garment or accessory. Details influence the whole. This season you’ll see how designers have used fur detailing in ways you never would have expected.

Fashion Design Details