Saga Furs and Fire Lady Fur collaborate again for the children’s charity project in China

On 7 December, 2020, Saga Furs joined hands second year in row with the online retailer Fire Lady Fur to carry out the “Hand in Hand, Let Love Go Home” charity project in Zhengjia Primary School in Hongtang Town, Gui Xi City, Jiangxi Province. The aim of this children’s charity project was to give underprivileged children supplies to improve their everyday life and future.

At 6 a.m. personnel from Saga Furs and Fire Lady Fur assembled in Haining City, Zhejiang Province, and set out for Jiangxi Province to carry out the charity project. After a long drive of about 6.5 hours, the team arrived at the destination – Zhengjia Primary School. The overall economic development level of the area where this school is located is relatively poor, with few job opportunities and low per-capita income. Almost all the young people go out to work in big cities, leaving only the children and elderly to live at home for a long time. In addition to the backward learning conditions, what is more regrettable is the lack of companionship and care in the process of children’s growth.

In this activity, Saga Furs and Fire Lady Fur brought kids high quality hats with pompoms made of fox skins from Saga Furs, new backpacks, thermo cups, and the cotton bags with the joint labels of this activity. All the items were handed out to the children one by one, and when the children took the gifts with both hands and said ”thank you”, you could see their faces with brilliant smiles. The student representative made a tender and sincere speech, which touched the hearts of the Saga and Fire Lady teams.

After school visit and spending some time with the kids, the team made a special trip to the homes of few national grade poverty-stricken students, brought them oil, food and down jackets to keep the kids warm. The team also encouraged the children to study hard and strive to change their and their families life with the power of knowledge.

With the setting sun, the day was also coming to an end. Although the time spent together was short, Saga Furs and Fire Lady Fur hope that the activity will bring the warmth to the local students and that they can feel the care and warmth of the society.