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Versace shows garment in Saga Furs technique at HC

The revered house of Versace showed a shocking pink fur vest at its Haute Couture show. The shockingly beautiful garment—already making a splash on fashion pages-- was made from a Saga Furs technique developed in conjunction with Dutch designer Coen Carstens.

Signature Versace edge and elegance, this time in a vest stunningly composed of pink-dyed Saga Furs® Arctic Marble Fox, mixed with goat and golden yarn.

Coen Carstens has been a frequent visitor to Saga Furs Design Centre through the years. The young designer comes to get inspired and to discover new developments in fur—and to get some tips in working with techniques.

At the most recent Fur Vision session, he discovered a new technique involving mixing fur and knit. He spoke with the staff at SFDC about how to further develop the idea.

Carstens went to the drawing board and took the technique a few steps further in his own studio and during a visit to SFDC . The overall aesthetic of the vest, its lightness, volume and silhouette, has already captured the attention of fashion lovers and the fashion press.

“The result of our collaboration is this truly astonishing Versace vest,” says Saga Furs head of design and innovation Dorte Lenau Klint. “Coen took a masterful approach to putting some new spins into the technique and voilà, the world is now beholding a magnificent garment. This is yet another great example of how Saga Furs has propelled design ahead.”

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Jan 23, 2013